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Refuelling of LNG trucks

Our commitment 

LIQUIND offers the planning, financing, building and operating (including the LNG delivery) of stationary and mobile LNG refuelling systems for its customers

Our locations

LNG filling station in Crailsheim

LNG filling station in Wustermark

Mobile LNG filling station in St. Ingbert

Mobile LNG filling station in Memmingen

Mobile LNG filling station in Magdeburg-Süd

Mobile LNG filling station in Schüttorf

Our customers and partners

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Refuelling – the process

The refuelling process

The refuelling of the LNG trucks is carried out by trained staff and after the drivers have been properly instructed regarding the refuelling process at one of our LNG refuelling systems.

The billing

Our customers have the opportunity to refuel quickly and easily at one of our stations using their own “LIQUIND Card” payment system. You can also pay by credit card at many locations. We would be happy to inform you personally about the payment options.


By providing special protective equipment, we ensure compliance with all safety standards for driver and machine on site.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How can you refuel with LIQUIND LNG?

To refuel your vehicles, you conclude an LNG procurement contract with LIQUIND. You can then obtain LNG at one of our LNG filling stations. We will gladly provide you with an individual offer. Please contact us using our contact form or give us a call. We would be delighted to welcome you as a LIQUIND customer.

How does the refuelling work at LIQUIND's LNG filling stations?

Usually, the drivers can carry out the refuelling themselves. At LNG refuelling stations without self-service, refuelling is carried out by the LIQUIND refuelling staff on site.

How is fuelling access granted at LIQUIND's LNG filling stations?

To activate the refuelling process, your drivers receive a personal LIQUIND card with which the refuelling process at the LNG filling station is activated. The card will be issued at the petrol station after the driver has been successfully briefed and has received safety instructions. After successfully refuelling, the driver will be given a fuel receipt. The purchased quantities of fuel will be billed centrally via our billing service on a monthly basis.

How does LIQUIND guarantee safety at its LNG filling stations?

The drivers are trained on-site and given instructions regarding the refuelling process. Adherence to applicable safety standards is paramount for LIQUIND. Personal protective equipment must be worn at all times during the refuelling process. At the filling point, there is a strict ban on smoking and fire, as well as the use of mobile phones. A training certificate is issued after successful training. All of our customers are required to inform their drivers about compliance with the safety standards when refuelling. If you have any questions about our training, feel free to contact us via our contact form or by telephone.

Do you have further questions regarding our services? Please contact us via our contact form or give us a call