LIQUIND 24/7 market leader in the LNG filling station market

Conquering the LNG market as a start-up

The Berlin filling station operator LIQUIND 24/7 is putting its seventh and eighth LNG filling station into operation. A bimodal LNG filling station is being built in Duisburg’s parallel port, which will be used to supply ships and trucks with the alternative fuel in the future.
The market leader is starting a mobile filling station at the Schüttorf motorway junction and will use it to develop the LNG market there. “The concept of being on the market with a mobile LNG filling station within three to four months and developing a permanent LNG filling station on site at the same time has proven to be extremely effective,” says Christian Schneider, Managing Director of LIQUIND 24/7 . “Our customers can benefit straightaway from the toll exemption that has just been extended if we offer the supply before the fixed petrol station goes into operation”,
adds Philip Maximilian Braunschweig, Head of Sales and Corporate Development. A proven concept: LIQUIND currently has eight LNG filling stations in operation 24/7, four of which have already been converted into permanent ones. If a permanent petrol station is opened, the mobile one can be moved to a new location.

This year, the Berlin-based company will develop seven more locations: Hockenheim, Karlsruhe, Hamburg, Göttingen, Leipzig, Lorch and, last but not least, Mannheim, the second major port location of LIQUIND 24/7. At the end of 2020, the company plans to offer its customers LNG at 15 locations. In the next year the total number of gas stations will double again compared to 2020.
At its core, however, the Berlin-based company is still doing something else: the company that began as a start-up in 2015 wants to make the transport sector more environmentally friendly, wishing to go beyond the 15-20% CO2 reduction of conventional LNG.

Juliane Arriens, responsible for the sustainable greening of the fuel portfolio at LIQUIND 24/7: “We are currently developing concepts aiming to obtain 100% of our LNG volumes from renewable sources by 2025. This year we will be able to provide selected customers with bio-LNG molecules so that the transport services they offer their clients can be even more sustainable.”(cb)

Euro Truck News Magazin (ETN Digital 10/2020)