from left to right Christian Schneider, LIQUIND 24/7 GmbH, Dr. Christoph Grimmer, Head Mayor of Crailsheim, Christian Freiherr von Stetten (CDU) Member of the German Bundestag, Ronny Pflug, ROLL TRUCK-SERVICE GmbH

Roll Truck-Service GmbH and Liquind 24/7 GmbH open the first public LNG filling station in Baden-Württemberg

With the decision to build an LNG filling station, ROLL is making a significant contribution to the reduction of emissions that are harmful to health and climate. “We owe it to our descendants to ensure a clean environment in the future,” emphasizes Ronny Pflug, Managing Director of Roll Truck-Service GmbH.

With LNG as an alternative fuel, it is possible to reduce CO2 emissions by 20 percent. LNG is a liquefied natural gas which is cooled down to -145 degrees Celsius. Thus it has only 1/600 of its volume compared to the gaseous state. It can be stored in large quantities without any problems and is transported in special truck tanks.

The cooperation between Liquind 24/7 and Roll Truck-Service in Crailsheim has made it possible to develop a strategic LNG location at the A6 / A7 motorway junction. Due to the optimal position at the motorway junction, the location can be approached from both the BAB 6 and the BAB 7.

The new LNG location has existed since February 2020 thanks to a mobile system. The new stationary system with a 15 meter high silo storage tank and a capacity of 70 cubic meters has led to a significant reduction in refueling times since August 2020.

The infrastructure for gas vehicles should continue to grow. Liquind 24/7 managing director Christian Schneider gives an outlook: “This year we will open 13 more filling stations in Germany, next year there will be another 15”. Schneider sees the expansion of the network as a first step. Bio LNG is to follow in a second step. Biogas is not of fossil origin and is produced from organic substances in biogas plants.

The mileage of LNG vehicles is comparable to that of conventional diesel truck. With an LNG tank volume of 400 kg (Iveco) and 205 kg (Volvo), the truck manufacturers have ranges that compare well in international long-distance transport. With an average fuel saving of 15 percent and an LNG price that is also ten percent cheaper than diesel, LNG commercial vehicles offer logistics companies a more sustainable solution with regard to CO2 emissions. Another advantage of LNG is that up to and including December 31, 2023, vehicles powered by frozen natural gas are exempt from the truck toll.

In order to be able to refuel at the Crailsheim location, a contractual agreement with LIQUIND must be signed. After detailed briefing of the driver at the tank system and an agreement on the use of a fuel card, customers can use the LNG service around the clock every day.

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