LIQUIND Marine in charge of logistics and operation for world’s first synthetic natural gas bunkering operation

Brunsbüttel, September 29th, 2021: Today, “ElbBLUE“ became the world’s first ship using synthetic natural gas (SNG) when it received approx. 20 tons of the fuel in the Elbehafen in Brunsbüttel. The bunkering is a joint project of MAN Energy Solutions, the shipowner Elbdeich and the charterer Unifeeder. The trio aims at demonstrating the potential for the use of climate neutral fuels in shipping. LIQUIND Marine was tasked with the organization of logistics from the liquefaction plant to the port and execution of the bunkering of the SNG from the truck to the ship’s tank.

Christian Schneider, managing director of LIQUIND Marine, strongly believes in the long-term potential of using natural gas as fuel in shipping: “With the successful execution of the first SNG bunkering operation and the gradual switch to renewable products, the project partners demonstrated that the LNG infrastructure which is developed today has a long-term future. We are pleased that we have had the chance to contribute to this milestone project, as well as developing the the market in general. We will develop supply infrastructure for marine customers in other regions and ports, thereby ensuring the availability of LNG, bio-LNG and SNG.“

The liquefied SNG was produced in a power-to-gas facily in Werlte, Germany, and it is generated using 100% renewable energy. The first commercial use in shipping shows not only the substantial potential for producing environmental-friendly fuels in the region, but reduces the ships‘ CO2 emissions by approx. 56 tons on its journey.

LIQUIND Marine GmbH is a subsidiary of the Berlin-based LNG infrastructure developer LIQUIND 24/7. With fifteen LNG truck fueling stations in operation and another twenty locations in development, the company is leading the German market for the supply of LNG to truck customers. Building up on the experience gained throughout the last years, the company is securing its market position and extending its operations into new segments, including the supply of LNG to marine and inland waterway customers.

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