LIQUIND Marine and GasCom deliver the 100th LNG truck load to the “GREENFERRY 1” in Cuxhaven

Hamburg, August 11th, 2021: LIQUIND Marine and GasCom have delivered the 100th truck load of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) to the ferry “GREENFERRY 1” of the shipping company Elbferry. The ferry received 18 tons of LNG from the 100th truck at Steubenhöft in Cuxhaven this last weekend. Less than six months after putting the ship into operation on the route between Brunsbüttel and Cuxhaven, the ferry has established itself as a popular mode of transport for passengers and vehicles alike, while also contributing to the protection of the environment. By using LNG, the combustion of 2,000 tons of diesel was spared and up to 90 per cent less nitrogen oxide and 20 per cent less CO2 was emitted into the atmosphere. In addition, particle emissions have been almost entirely reduced and no sulphur was generated from the combustion of the alternative fuel.

Since March 2021, LNG bunkering operations for the vessel have been regularly conducted in Cuxhaven. As a result of the professional cooperation on the part of the ship crew, port authorities, and the Jongeneel onshore bunker team, the operations are undertaken efficiently and safely.

Christian Strahlmann, Managing Director at Elbferry GmbH & Co. KG, was satisfied with the achievement: „As a result of the safe and regular fuel supply for our ferry, we are able to offer our customers a scheduled service and contribute to the well-being of both the environment and the people in the region. “

The LNG is transported by truck from the LNG terminal in Zeebrügge to Cuxhaven. Beforehand, the LNG was shipped to the terminal in Belgium from Qatar, where it is produced from conventional natural gas sources. Soon LNG from renewable biogas liquefaction plants in Germany will be available. Both supply companies, GasCom and LIQUIND, are working on setting up their respective facilities.

The managing directors of the LNG suppliers, Norbert Scholz (GasCom) and Christian Schneider (LIQUIND Marine), highlighted the smooth cooperation throughout the past months: „Right from the beginning, all parties involved have pulled together and achieved the secure and efficient execution of the bunkering service. Today, those operations are routine for all participants, and we are looking forward to continuing our cooperation with the ferry operator.”

GasCom Equipment GmbH is a family-owned company based in Troisdorf near Cologne, which is specialized in providing mobile gas services. Over the past years, the company has established itself as a leading service provider in this segment supplying various customers of different sizes and sectors. GasCom has substantial experience in supplying LNG to marine customers. Among its numerous customers in Europe are several other LNG-fueled ferries operating along the North Sea coast.

LIQUIND Marine GmbH is a subsidiary of the Berlin-based LNG infrastructure developer LIQUIND 24/7. With fourteen LNG truck fueling stations in operation and another twenty locations in development, the company is leading the German market for the supply of LNG to truck customers. Building up on the experience gained throughout the last years, the company is securing its market position and extending its operations into new segments, including the supply of LNG to marine and inland waterway customers.

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