LNG filling stations for Germany

LIQUIND was founded in 2015 in Berlin-Charlottenburg. Our team is developing a nationwide and comprehensive network of LNG filling stations. Our focus is on supplying continental domestic markets by building a network of distribution terminals and delivery points for the end customer. For this purpose we are building distribution warehouses along the major German waterways, enabling the use of LNG as a fuel on the federal waterways. These hubs are the starting point for the supply of road traffic nodes. The aim of the company founders and shareholders is to make LNG available in Germany for use as a substitute fuel for diesel, thus “greening” the transport sector in order not only to reduce noise, fine dust and NOx emissions, but also sustainably reduce CO2 emissions from heavy goods vehicles and inland shipping.


Liquind 24/7 GmbH is co-financed by the European Union.

Our vision

LIQUIND 24/7 will make the ecological and economic advantages of the alternative fuel LNG available on the German market and is developing a comprehensive distribution network as the basis for a European rollout.

Christian Schneider


Born in 1968, graduate chemist and MBA from the University of Chicago, he is the co-founder and managing director of LIQUIND 24/7. He is responsible for the operational business and strategy development areas. Before that, he worked with an international top management consulting firm with more than 100 employees for 15 years. He substantially helped to establish the firm and managed it as a member of the board for many years.He started his career in top management consulting at Roland Berger. Christian is also a board member of BTO AG.

Gabor Beyer


Born in 1966, business school graduate, co-founder and managing director of LIQUIND 24/7.
Gabor oversees the financial operations. He previously worked at Fichtner Group for five years. There he has headed the management consultancy for over three years, which was established as an independent company through his efforts. Prior to that, he specialized in privatization and restructuring. He started his career at Cooper&Lybrand (today PwC).
Gabor is also a board member of BTO AG.

Philip Maximilian Braunschweig


Head of Business Development & Sales

Ralf Filz

Head of Finance

Michael Vonmetz

Project Manager

Dr. Dmitry Dronnikov

Head of LNG Supply & Logistics

Sebastian Kloke

Project Manager

Akos Benkö

Technical Support